Navirec and GSMtasks help inform health care providers about the arrival time of the COVID-19 vaccine

Magnum Estonia Logistics Center is one of the most modern in its field in Eastern and Central Europe and 2008 was also awarded the title of Logistics Act of the Year. Navirec’s GPS tracking and GSMtasks task management solution have been used for a long time to simplify daily work and make operations as time and cost-effective as possible.

We are very honored to say that in cooperation with Magnum Logistics, we have contributed to resolving the COVID-19 crisis in Estonia. Namely, Magnum signed a framework agreement with the Estonian Health Board to enable the fastest and smoothest possible delivery of COVID vaccine doses across Estonia. 

An innovative digital application was launched in mid-March, which allows general practitioners and other healthcare providers waiting for a vaccine batch to be notified of the exact time of arrival of doses. Magnum’s subsidiary in Latvia is also using the new notification solution.

In the past, the concern of healthcare institutions was the lack of knowledge about the time of arrival of vaccine doses, which made it impossible to plan the appointment of patients who are waiting for their vaccination effectively. In cooperation with family doctors, Magnum Logistics with cooperation with Navirec and GSMtasks, the necessary and long-awaited solution was designed, which will enable vaccination centers to organize their work considerably better.


Magnum’s vans are equipped with Navirec temperature sensors and GPS devices

The distribution of vaccines from the central office of the Estonian Health Board must take place at a certain temperature so that the doses are not spoiled. To this end, Magnum’s vans, specially adapted for the transport of medicines, are equipped with Navirec’s temperature sensors, which allow real-time monitoring of the temperature in the cargo space and inform the logistician immediately if significant temperature fluctuations occur.

Up to 4 temperature sensors can be installed in different parts of the van. Such a solution is necessary if goods with different cooling temperatures are transported at the same time and variations of even a few degrees can be fatal to the preservation of the goods. Also, all the information received from the sensors is automatically included in a temperature report, which allows both the company itself and, if necessary, the customers and the Veterinary and Food Board to check the showings.

In addition to temperature sensors, Magnum’s vans are also equipped with Navirec’s GPS tracking devices, which allow real-time monitoring of the movement of vaccine doses and provide advance notification of the exact time of arrival of the vaccines to the healthcare providers.

“Magnum has been using Navirec’s GPS tracking solution since 2011. A few years ago, they also integrated our GSMtasks transport and workforce management solution into their work, and this has been very successful as well, ”says Jürgen Levandi, Navirec’s Sales Director and Development Manager.

Navirec is the Estonian market leader in its field but is known throughout Europe for its smart GPS solutions. Thanks to Navirec, almost 10,000 companies are simplifying their daily work today, and the tracking service is used by about 45,000 vehicles.


How exactly does the notification work?

Here, Magnum will be helped by the GSMtasks solution, which is an administrative platform where the entire company’s transport and work organization can be centralized. Raivo Roolaid, Magnum’s logistics manager, also spoke about his positive experience in making logistics paperless using the GSMtasks solution at the Annual Logistics Solutions Conference in 2019.

Health care providers and doctors waiting for vaccine doses will be sent the possibility to use the GSMtask solution with the necessary instructions. The digital application allows the movement of vaccine batches to be monitored in real-time, as well as to receive advance notification of the arrival of a dose.

“Health care providers waiting for the vaccine doses must enter their mobile number in the system to receive notifications. Before the delivery of the vaccine, the customer will receive a message stating the estimated time of arrival of the goods,” describes Martin Adamsoo, Magnum’s Head of Strategic Communications.

As there are several deliveries to different customers in one day, the logistics company can enter all the drivers’ tasks in GSMtasks in advance, and the solution automatically calculates the fastest driving routes and the expected ETA’s of the goods.

This allows managers to see all their tasks in their mobile app and significantly reduces cumbersome paperwork.

Adamsoo adds that when the vehicle delivering the vaccine starts moving towards a new customer, an SMS notification will be sent out with a tracking link. From there it is possible to see the location of the car on the map in real-time and the exact time of arrival. Such a solution makes it possible to plan vaccinations and organize daily work in a health care institution much more efficiently.


GSMtasks reduces paper consumption and work time

Digitalization in goods transport has been rapid and more and more operations are moving from paper to computer or mobile app. This allows one to work much more time efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way. It also saves office space that would otherwise accumulate under paper documents and simplifies the work of drivers.

With the help of GSMtasks, planning daily trips is a breeze, because the solution does the most difficult part automatically – optimizes the driving routes. Depending on the need, the optimization can be based on either the shortest route or the fastest driving time.

If desired, GSMtasks also divides tasks among drivers. Workers have a clear overview of the tasks on their mobile devices, together with the necessary additional information. The logistics can monitor the status of goods transport on a computer in real-time.

As GSMtasks also has digital proof of delivery so the necessary documents can be signed directly in the driver’s mobile app and electronic invoices can be sent to the customer’s e-mail in just minutes. This way, the driver does not have to drive around with a bunch of waybills lying in the back seat and all documents can always be found quickly in the system.

In addition to Magnum, the GSMtasks solution is used effectively by several foreign companies, such as London’s famous cupcake company Lola’s Cupcakes, Amsterdam’s mobile bicycle repair company Flat Tire and many others. During the first COVID-19 lock-down in Estonia a year ago, the Nopri family company, which sells beloved farm products, also decided to start offering a contactless home delivery service. To this day, they still offer this using the GSMtasks solution.

Because GSMtasks is very flexible and compatible with all commonly-used office software, it is very easy to implement. For the first 14 days, the solution can be used completely FREE of charge and the introduction period is fully supported by our hard-working team of GSMtasks.

If you want to know more about the solution or ask for advice, send an e-mail to or ask for a 14-day free trial.

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