Navirec ettevõtte tutvustus


Navirec and GSMtasks belong to the GSMvalve Group

Navirec is based on 100% Estonian capital. Offering innovative solutions on the logistic market for more than 17 years, we have the experience needed to provide top-notch service both in Estonia and globally. We offer high-quality GPS tracking service & asset, logistics, transportation, and work management software for enterprises in the private and public sectors and for private customers.


Navirec is a clear market leader in Estonia. We make the work simpler and help to achieve savings for over 10,000 companies, helping to track in real-time the daily trips of more than 53,000 vehicles.


The brand GSMtasks was founded in 2015 to provide customers with a convenient administration platform that would cover the whole transportation and work organization. The main goal of GSMtasks is to introduce a solution that can be customized or integrated with other programs according to the specific needs of the company.


With its broad functionality, GSMtasks enables you to spend less time on work organization, render the company’s logistics paperless, and analyze its operations so that while work efficiency is increased, operating costs are reduced.


In the year of its foundation, GSMtasks was nominated for the Logistic Act of the Year award and today the customer base of the company reaches from the US to Tanzania.


Head office

The Head Office of Navirec and GSMtasks is in Tallinn, Estonia, at Tähetorni 21. The office in Tallinn is where our busy sales team, help desk, and marketing department operate daily, always giving 110% to find the most suitable solutions for customers and responding quickly and professionally to any questions.


With Navirec and GSMtasks we wish to offer our current and future customers professional logistics solutions that proceed from the needs of the companies. We are able to ensure this thanks to our strong development team. The Estonian team consists of 33 members, while our partners include more than 100 employees who are actively engaged in ensuring customer satisfaction.


Equipment is always installed at a time and in a place suitable for you, wherever in Estonia your company operates. Naturally, you can also bring your vehicles to our workshop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while our efficient technician installs the devices. We always grant a warranty for our equipment and work!


Our partners

We are a quickly developing and ambitious company! The resale of Navirec and GSMtasks logistics solutions is actively managed by our partner enterprises in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, and Tanzania.

We are open to offers of cooperation and are looking actively for opportunities for global expansion.


If you feel that you have a possibility and wish to contribute to the international growth of the company, then please do not hesitate to contact us!



Significant goals are rooted in cooperation

We have made our contribution to developing the educational landscape of Estonia, supported athletes and shouldered the implementation of other exciting projects. As a domestic enterprise, our priority is not only to support the Estonian economy but also to boost other fields and encourage capable go-getters.


For several years we have given visiting lecturer’s classes at TTK University of Applied Sciences and Tallinn University of Technology both to undergraduate and graduate-level students, offering practical experience in addition to theoretical study as well as opportunity to have the first-hand experience in using the administrative and transportation organization software of a transportation fleet.


In 2018, we granted  GSMvalve scholarship to a student of the Institute of Logistics department at TTK University of Applied Sciences, whose academic excellence and motivation to work in the field of logistics stood out among others and was worth recognition.

We are also happy to provide our GPS tracking to various traveling parties for whom our service is important primarily from the aspect of vehicle security. Such was the case, for example, with Kristjan Ojang and Robert Rool, who traveled in the Eastern Block with Zhigulis equipped with our GPS devices.


If you think that you could carry it out with namely our help, then make sure you contact our marketing department!