Navirec temperatuuriandur


The temperature control solution enables real-time monitoring of the temperature in the vehicle as well as the cargo compartments of the vehicle, and any changes in the temperatures



Importance of temperature monitoring


If goods need to be transported at a specific temperature, the precise monitoring of the temperature is extremely important for the purposes of maintaining service quality.

When transporting temperature-sensitive goods, such as medicines, frozen products, or flowers, both the driver and the company must make sure that any deviations are quickly detected.


With Navirec, temperature control is convenient as automatic notifications make it possible to discover problems before it is too late



Temperature sensors of Navirec

It is possible to install up to four temperature sensors in different sections of the cargo compartment.

Equipping the van with several temperature sensors is essential, when simultaneously transporting goods that require different cooling temperatures, as even a minor difference of a few degrees could turn fatal for the preservation of the goods.


With the help of temperature sensors, both you and your clients can make sure that the cargo has been transported correctly and its quality has been preserved



Information on the map and in reports


The temperature of cargo is displayed graphically in your account, in real-time on the map, and in temperature reports.

The temperature statements of the transportation compartment are essential. These are checked randomly by your client and the Veterinary and Food Board.

The driver can monitor the temperature conveniently also in the Navirec mobile app



Automatic notifications

In order to ensure even more operationally effective fluctuation of the temperature of cargo, we facilitate adding notifications about changes in cargo temperature.

The system will inform you by e-mail or SMS messages when the pre-set upper or lower temperature limits have been exceeded.


Such an opportunity may become an essential additional value, for example when the refrigeration compartments of vehicles must maintain a specific temperature and any changes require certain activities by you