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GSMtasks is a transportation and task management solution to simplify the organization of logistics both in and outside the office



Smart GSMtasks

From now on you can plan the daily tasks of your employees paperless, simply and without hassle, using one convenient solution.

Create your own account at the GSMtasks page and enter the tasks, addresses, deadlines, and any further information if needed. Everything else is completed automatically by GSMtasks on your behalf!


Avoid spending hours on finding optimum routes or dividing tasks between your personnel – automatize the processes, save time and money



Fast and efficient planning

GSMtasks ülesannete optimeerimine

You can pre-plan the tasks of the whole day and send it to the smart device of employees with a few clicks of the mouse. Thereby they will have an exact overview of their tasks along with the order and deadlines of the tasks.

Tasks can be optimized, proceeding either from timeframes or traveling distance. You will save time and fuel!



Clear overview of what is happening

Since the app functions as a GPS device, you will have an exact overview of your employees’ movement during the day.

In your account, you have a real-time overview of the status of each task and receive immediate automatic notifications about completed or failed tasks.



GSMtasks ülesanded

Better customer experience

When a driver starts driving to the customer, the app sends to the customer an automatic message together with a tracking link.

The customer can track the movement of the driver on a real-time map or change the time of delivery if necessary.



GSMtasks paberivaba logistika

Paperless logistics

Orders and invoices on paper are clumsy, tend to get lost, and cannot be easily found when needed.

Make your company paperless with digital delivery and receipt documents. In the app, you can take a digital signature from your customer and append photos and further information to the documents.



Quick delivery of information

A copy of the delivery document is sent automatically to the customer and is uploaded to the GSMtasks environment.

Based on that, office staff can compile digital invoices and send these immediately to the customer.





  • real-time GPS tracking
  • creating and managing tasks
  • (automatic) assignment of tasks
  • finding the optimum routes
  • real-time notifications
  • digital documents and signing
  • analytics
  • free mobile app


– since tasks and workforce can be pre-planned,
use of resources will become significantly more efficient

– tasks which require immediate response can be assigned to the nearest driver,
to be able to serve more clients in a day

– GSMtasks also enables you to schedule recurring tasks
thereby significantly reducing time on preparations



GSmtasks track

Easy interfacing with API

GSMtasks can be interfaced easily with the most common business programs. With our API instructions, it is easy for any IT specialist.

Should you need any assistance with interfacing, we are at your service!





GSMtasks is suitable for companies of various sizes, operating in very different fields


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Our customers include:

  • food couriers
  • mobile technicians
  • transportation companies
  • cleaning service operators
  • online shops
  • utility companies




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