The new solution enables an overview of the technical condition of the vehicles to be digitally transmitted to the Navirec solution and significantly simplifies the management of your fleet


Inspection of the technical condition of the machine fleet

If the company’s fleet includes tens or even hundreds of vehicles that are used by different drivers and that constantly drive around the world, it can be quite difficult to get an overview of the technical condition of the cars. Inevitably, technical problems will arise, of which the fleet manager should have an accurate overview.

So how to collect the information about the condition of the machine park as quickly as possible and store it more easily?



Make inspection digital

In Navirec’s solution, you can use an act that can be easily prepared and filled out using Google Forms, which every company can put together exactly based on their needs.

The form can be conveniently filled out by both drivers and managers, even on their mobile phones, either during a routine inspection or as soon as a (technical) problem appears on the vehicle.


To fill out the form, select the vehicles/drivers menu in the mobile app and hold your finger on the vehicle/driver name to open the command menu. There you will find the inspection form, by clicking on it you can start filling out the form.

To open the commands menu, you can also click on the vehicle/driver name and then on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.


Filling out the form is quick thanks to the multiple choice options, and it is also possible to add pictures of, for example, damage to the vehicle to the document


If it is a shared vehicle, when the new driver takes over the car, it is possible to determine exactly which faults the vehicle had before use (e.g. dirty interior, garbage in the vehicle, missing accessories, damage to the body, etc.).

If, for example, the vehicle is rented for use by another company or sold, the form also helps in getting an accurate overview of the condition of the car before handing it over.



Information from the act automatically reaches the Navirec solution

When filling out and saving the form, the data contained in it will automatically reach the corresponding vehicle in the Navirec solution. In this way, the current technical condition of vehicles is always visible in the list of vehicles. The document is also saved as a PDF under the files related to the vehicle and can be downloaded if necessary.

Contact us and we will assist you in creating the form and introduce the solution in more detail

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