Every logistician probably knows that keeping an eye on the technical condition of a fleet of tens and hundreds of vehicles is a difficult job. This is especially so when the machines are constantly on the road both in Estonia and in other countries and are used by different drivers. Fortunately, Navirec developed a solution that makes it much more convenient and faster to collect information about the condition of vehicles using a digital form.

Regular maintenance of vehicles is important to keep them in working order for many years and to avoid unpredictable repair costs. However, planning regular maintenance is based on having an accurate overview of the vehicles’ technical condition. Navirec’s digital inspection form greatly simplifies the collection of information about the condition of machines, wherever they are at the moment, as it allows drivers to receive up-to-date information at any time, even through a mobile phone.


Time to bring technical status information from Excel to the Navirec solution

Navirec users can prepare a digital form based on the needs of their companies with the help of Google Forms, where multiple-choice and open-answer questions can be gathered about the technical condition of the vehicle as well as, for example, cabin cleanliness and body damage.

The form can be conveniently filled out by both drivers and managers on any smart device, either during a routine inspection or as soon as a (technical) problem occurs. Photos can also be added to the document to give a better visual overview of possible problems, and together with the rest of the information, they are automatically transferred to the Navirec solution under the corresponding vehicle information when the document is saved (the document is also saved as a PDF file to Navirec).

Those who use the Navirec remote door opening and locking function (commands in the mobile app) on work vehicles already know how easy it is to open the command menu in the mobile app. To open the inspection form, all you have to do is hold your finger on the name of the vehicle or driver to display the command menu and select the inspection form from there. When saving the form, the information is automatically transferred to the Navirec solution, so the fleet manager always has an up-to-date overview of the condition of all vehicles.

This eliminates the need to gather relevant information in a separate Excel table, which must be constantly updated manually.


What are the drivers’ habits?

The introduction of a digital inspection form also allows you to keep an eye on which drivers use the company’s vehicles in a prudent manner and who needs a reminder in this regard. If each new driver notes the problems discovered in the act when the vehicle is put into service, it is easy to see when one or another problem occurred. Why not allow drivers to provide an overview of the cleanliness of the vehicle’s interior using the form if cleaning up after oneself is a problem in the company?

The inspection form is also a great help if the company’s vehicles are rented for use by other companies. Before handing over the vehicle, it is wise to record its technical condition, and it is convenient to store the data securely in the Navirec solution. In this way, it is possible to find out exactly if and what problems the car has developed in the meantime.


We will help you prepare a precisely suitable inspection report

We believe that the digital inspection form makes your daily work much easier and speeds up getting an accurate overview of the car fleet. If you are interested in the solution, be sure to contact us and, if necessary, we will help you prepare a form based on the needs of your company!

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