Navirec uste avamine äpis


You can now open and close the vehicle’s doors conveniently without the keys using the Navirec mobile app


How does remote door opening work?


We use GPRS data communication to unlock/lock the vehicle’s central locking system in the Navirec solution. The Navirec mobile app allows users with corresponding rights to send a command to the vehicle with just a few clicks via the mobile app.

In the past, opening doors via SMS was widespread, but such a solution is time-consuming (especially for large fleets) and costly, and would significantly increase the cost of GPS tracking.


Data communication is already included in our service fee so the solution is free of charge for the company



Examples of using remote door opening


Rental cars

Car rental has become a very popular and affordable service. In today’s world, contactless service is also increasingly valued, for which the solution of opening doors remotely is ideal.



Shared work vehicles

In terms of cost savings and more environmentally friendly fleet management, shared work vehicles are a very sensible choice. By opening the doors remotely, you can leave the vehicle keys in the car and not have to worry about someone forgetting to return them to the office.


Simplify your workflow and offer you customers a safe and convenient service



Opening doors via the app is easy

If you want to open the vehicle doors remotely, all you have to do is open the Navirec app on your phone and hold your finger on the name of the vehicle to which you want to send the command.

A list of commands will open for you to choose from !