Now an even smaller and more convenient GPS device to be installed in your car’s cigarette lighter


Smaller & more convenient cigarette lighter GPS tracker


  • Easy installation in the car’s cigarette lighter (plug in & go)
  • Built-in USB port to charge your phone or other devices
  • Performs the same functions as a standard GPS device
  • Possibility to detect driving style (Eco drive)
  • Built-in 170 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • A convenient solution for rental or leasing cars and many others
  • Works worldwide



The functionality of the GPS tracker


  • Track the vehicle’s location, route, and speed in real-time
  • Monitor driving style and save on fuel and maintenance costs (Eco drive)
  • You can view the driving history with all the data in the Navirec solution
  • You can see the car’s ignition and engine status (incl. operating hours)
  • You can set up an automatic notification when the device’s power supply drops (e.g. when the device is removed from the cigarette lighter)
  • The logbook fills in automatically!
  • From the button on the device, you can determine whether it is a private or work trip


It is also possible to set private trips so that they are not displayed on the map or in the logbook




The GPS tracker costs €69
+ service fee €9 per month

The monthly fee includes access to Navirec tracking software and data usage
The value-added tax (20%) is added according to the law


You can use the Navirec solution on both PC and mobile devices with the Navirec app (iOS / Android)


How to buy?

  • Fill out the Order now! form and our customer support will contact you shortly
  • We will send the GPS device to you by post or you can pick it up yourself
  • The price also includes free user training for the Navirec solution


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