Wireless sensors based on Bluetooth technology offer the simplest and most cost-effective asset tracking solution

GPS tracking is quite easy when it comes to vehicles. The device can be hidden in the car, connected to the required wires, and voilà! Vehicles are great places to install GPS devices, as they provide both power and protection against the weather and, to a large extent, theft.

But how do you keep track of physical assets that can’t be fitted with a traditional GPS device?


Track the location of your property with a bluetooth sensor

The principle of operation is quite simple – the Bluetooth sensor is compatible with the GPS device near it and will transmit the location signal to the Navirec solution. As the distance between the sensor and the GPS device increases, the connection is lost and the Navirec solution shows the last position of the device.

Example: Let’s say your tractor is equipped with a GPS device and a Bluetooth sensor is installed on the plow. When the tractor is hauling the plow, the sensor and GPS device are connected to each other and their location is displayed in real-time in the Navirec solution. However, if the tractor leaves the plow and drives away, you will see the location of the disconnection in the Navirec solution. When the tractor returns to the sensor, the devices are compatible again.



The Bluetooth sensor is installed wirelessly

The sensor housing has a strong mounting sticker and two additional mounting points through which it can be mounted with screws, plastic, or metal rods. The sensor can be installed on any non-powered property such as containers, construction equipment, tractor or machine accessories, etc.


Take advantage of the capabilities of your GPS device

You can also install a battery-powered GPS device, for example, on a construction site where you store smaller work equipment. This way, you have an accurate overview of the assets in the Navirec solution.



This is the cheapest and easiest way to track the location of any assets



Bluetooth sensor usage options

Let’s take a closer look at some of the uses of a Bluetooth sensor.


Marine containers and heaters

Their number in the company can be significant, so it would not be economically viable to equip each container with an expensive GPS device. Equipping the sensor is a cheap solution!


Garbage collection and construction waste containers

For rental assets, the use of a Bluetooth sensor is an affordable and convenient solution that allows you to see the location of the containers. In the case of garbage collection, the driver quickly finds the right container on the customer’s property.


Construction machinery accessories

Construction machinery, such as excavators, may have a number of accessories that are exchanged between different machines or stored on site. Installing sensors on accessories allows you to keep an eye on their location.


Smaller tools

Smaller tools should also be fitted with Bluetooth sensors to reduce the risk of them being lost or stolen on site. When installing a battery-powered GPS device in warmth, you can get an accurate overview of what tools are stored there.


Agricultural machinery accessories

There may be a large number of attachments used by the machine during the growing and harvesting seasons. It is also wise to choose sensors to monitor their location. This is especially true if you also rent out equipment.



Navirec bluetooth sensor

Our new solution is designed for quick and easy configuration to provide a cost-effective solution for tracking the location of specific types of physical assets.


  • Secure and easy installation with two mounting points
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • IP67 moisture, shock, and dust resistant housing
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • Small (56.6x38x13mm), weight only 18g
  • Bluetooth connectivity radius 80m



Navirec lahendus vaade

You can use the Navirec solution on both PC and mobile devices with the Navirec app (iOS / Android)


The range of uses for Bluetooth sensors is very wide, so be sure to ask us for advice if you need help tracking your assets!

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