Simplify work organization in your company and automatically download tachograph data online wherever your drivers are



Remote reading of tachograph data


Downloading digital tachograph data online allows you to significantly simplify driving and working time data management and save working time.

The GPS device allows the necessary data from the vehicle and the driver card to be downloaded automatically and periodically without the driver having to come to a depot or visit a dealership.



Remote tachograph reader functionality


Advantages of remote reading compared to manual download


  • Save working time
  • Simplify data management
  • Set the time for automatic data download
  • Have better control over drivers’ working and rest times
  • Allow the logistics manager to plan working hours better
  • Store your data securely online
  • Have a significant advantage over competitors due to the working time won


You can see the driver’s activities together with the vehicle’s technical data in the Navirec solution with current, daily, and weekly status


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