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You can keep track of the servicing of your fleet with the help of the maintenance log and receive timely automatic messages reminding you about visits to the workshop



Maintenance log saves money


Navirec sõiduki hooldus

Most of us have probably faced a situation when taking the vehicle to maintenance has been postponed in order to save money or it has simply slipped the mind.

Navirec’s maintenance log will send you timely reminders!!


Timely maintenance of vehicles will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises when the vehicles are not operational when you need them or require unexpected extensive repairs



Fleet overview

Navirec hoolduspäevik

Navirec maintenance log contains the upcoming and already completed maintenance and repair works of your company’s vehicles.

Drivers can add comments to Navirec about the technical condition of their vehicles, contributing to a detailed overview by the time problems emerge.


You will have a complete overview of the technical condition of your fleet and can keep an eye on maintenance costs



Set the maintenance parameter

  • mileage counter reading
  • operating hours of the engine
  • date




NAvirec hooldusteavitus

Set automatic notifications

When you have booked a vehicle for maintenance or repair, you can mark it in the maintenance log and set an automatic notification for the driver of the vehicle to remember the visit to the workshop.



You can set the notification to be displayed in the Navirec solution or sent automatically to the recipient by e-mail or SMS



Set the time interval


  • past days
  • past months
  • past years
  • mileage
  • operating hours of the engine




Recurring maintenance is added automatically

For even greater convenience in organizing the work, you can set the intervals of recurring maintenance, based on which the solution marks the next maintenance in the log automatically!



Do not leave the maintenance to chance, ensure the proper technical condition of your fleet by means of the Navirec maintenance log


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