Navirec’s messaging feature simplifies day-to-day communication with employees and makes it more efficient and clear



Navirec suhtlus töötajategaOne convenient communication channel

Surveys show that 68% of employees prefer to use messaging as their way of communication!

How do you provide urgent information to your employees?


For exchanging information with coworkers, Navirec provides a messaging feature that keeps all the information you need in one place



Send detailed instructions to your employees

You can send drivers the exact address or coordinates of a destination directly from the map, along with a Google Maps link.


Drivers only need to open the map from the link in the message, and navigation help guides them to the right place the fastest way



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Provide urgent information fast

Plans can change over the course of the day, and fast communication is the basis for smooth work.

However, it is not always possible to answer calls immediately while driving or away from the phone.


In Navirec, you can send messages to employees via SMS or email directly from the solution without having to open your inbox or phone



Advantages of messaging

If you are still exchanging information with coworkers and subordinates only by phone calls, take a moment to explore the benefits of Navirec’s in-solution messaging!


  • communication is faster
  • information is clear and can be checked again from the phone should anything be forgotten
  • you can provide any urgent or important information via SMS or e-mail
  • with just a few clicks, you can send an address or coordinates directly from the map
  • SMS/email messages come with a link that takes the driver directly to Google Maps


Simplify work-related communication with messages and make work organization more efficient


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