Tracking assets worldwide is easy with an autonomous GPS device



What is an autonomous GPS device?

An autonomous GPS device with a battery is perfect for tracking assets that do not have a battery of their own and to which a regular GPS cannot be connected. These can be trailers, construction equipment, etc.

The battery-powered GPS device is compact, dust-, water- and shock-resistant. So it’s well suited for outdoor and extreme use.



Battery life

One of the key questions customers ask about a battery-powered GPS device before purchasing is about its battery life. Although it is slightly affected by the outdoor temperature, it mainly depends on the data transmission interval.

Simply put, the less often the device transmits a GPS signal, the longer the battery life. The GPS device only uses the battery to transmit a signal and is otherwise in “sleep mode”.


GPS signal once per hour = battery life approx. 40 days
GPS signal every 2 hours = battery life approx. 80 days
GPS signal once per day = battery life approx. 3 years



How does GPS tracking work?


  • The device is assigned a GPS signal transmission interval (1 hour – 10 days) according to the customer’s needs

  • GPS can be attached to the device by the customer (preferably hidden)
  • When the GPS signal is transmitted, the location of the device in the Navirec system is updated and can be seen on the map
  • The GPS signal transmission interval can be changed at any time if required



Uses of Navirec secure


Trailers & containers

These are large and expensive tools that are often left to stand alone, for example on a construction site or in a car park. A battery-powered GPS device allows you to get an overview of the location of the devices and be informed in a timely manner in the event of theft.


Construction equipment & large tools

Thefts on construction sites are not uncommon and cost construction companies thousands of euros every year. A reliable GPS device with a battery that is well-suited for extreme conditions is an affordable way to track the location of high-end equipment.


Caravans, barrels & igloo saunas

In most cases, cottages and saunas are stored away from home in summer houses, which may not be visited on a weekly basis. In this case, it is definitely sensible to install a GPS device that allows you to see the location of your equipment even on a mobile phone.


Equipment for rent

There is also a lot of interest in battery-powered GPS devices from rental companies, which unfortunately have to deal with malicious customers again and again. A battery-powered GPS device allows you to keep track of your company’s rental goods and act in a timely manner in the event of theft.



You can use the Navirec solution on both PC and mobile devices with the Navirec app (iOS / Android)


Don’t leave things to chance and secure your property with Navirec’s surveillance solution