Navirec geopiirkonnad ehk alad


In Navirec you can mark geographical areas on the map and set notifications of events occurring in these areas



Set up points of interest

You can mark the areas anywhere on the map, using either a circle or a polygon to specify the boundaries.

This enables you to keep an eye on what is happening outside the office, wherever you are




You can mark the following as the areas


  • filling stations
  • fields
  • patches of forest
  • company’s offices
  • cargo unloading and loading points
  • clients’ locations
  • etc.



Gather information about events in the areas

When setting areas and linking these to vehicles, you can gather vital data for a report, allowing you to analyze aspects such as the efficiency of employees or worked hours.


  • did the driver reach the area on time
  • how long was the vehicle engine idle
  • working hours and efficiency of drivers
  • cargo loading time
  • number of clients visited
  • parking time in the area
  • etc.



Receive notifications about events

You can set notifications about events in areas, sent automatically as e-mail or SMS messages.

Notifications keep you updated when an employee has arrived or departed from the office or client’s site or is late for work


Setting the areas on the map makes the daily organization of work significantly easier


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