The collection of tolls in Poland is undergoing a major change

From the 1st of July this year, the viaTOLL system for lorries with a registered weight of more than 3.5t and buses with more than 9 seats was replaced by a new satellite-based system called the electronic toll collection systeme-TOLL.


Navirec will offer customers a solution that adapts to the new system

Currently, the accreditation period is underway, after which customers can use the Navirec GPS monitoring service with e-TOLL interface.

This option is available to transport companies in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and other countries, provided that a newer generation GPS device is or will be installed in the vehicles. The new solution will be available to Navirec customers no later than mid-October.



Navirec GPS monitoring service with e-TOLL interface

After interfacing with Poland’s new tax system, Navirec will allow customers to use the GPS tracking solution with e-TOLL.

This presupposes that vehicles are equipped with the latest generation GPS devices, which are configured by us to correspond to the e-TOLL service. The installation of the device is easy, so the customer is free to do it himself. Of course, a suitable time for installation can also be booked with our technicians.


What exactly changed in taxation?

The ViaTOLL system will work in parallel with the new e-TOLL until the 30th of September 2021. From the end of September, the old system will cease to be fully operational and will no longer allow taxes to be paid in Poland, and e-TOLL will become the only tax collection system in the country.

The e-TOLL system uses GNSS technology to transmit data, so vehicles must be equipped with newer generation GPS devices that are connected to the electrical system of trucks and buses.

The new system will make the calculation and payment of tolls fully automatic and will automatically open barriers for vehicles at customs gates, thus simplifying and speeding up customs clearance. Also, the Polish tax authorities will be able to obtain more detailed information on the journeys made.


If you are interested, contact us!

If you are interested in the new Navirec service, we definitely recommend that you contact us in advance. This way we can discuss the best options for your company’s fleet!

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