Navirec temperatuuriraportid


Statements of cargo compartment temperature are important when you carry goods, which require precise storage temperature



Transportation at a specific temperature

Navirec temperatuuri andurite raport

When your company transports goods that require a very specific storage temperature, the temperature monitoring of the cargo is essential.


Only this way you can make sure that the goods will not deteriorate during the trip and avoid compensation claims on account of the deterioration of goods.


Transportation of food is subject to specific requirements set by the Veterinary and Food Board, while the reports of cargo temperature are randomly checked



Reports of cargo temperature


Navirec temperatuuri raport

The information from temperature sensors arrives quickly in the Navirec system and the data gathered over the course of time can be gathered into reports.


The resolution of sensors, i.e. the interval at which data reaches the system, can be set by you.


Creating reports in Navirec is convenient, quick and customized to the needs of your company


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