Navirec sensorite raport


Information from sensors gathered into a report provides a full overview of everything occurring with the fleet



Sensors in Navirec

The task of the sensors is to give information about physical parameters, events, statuses, and activities related to certain processes.


With the Navirec solution, you have at your disposal a large amount of data gathered by various sensors.


With this data, you can analyze the efficiency of your vehicle fleet, consumption volumes, and much more


A few examples of the data delivered by sensors:


  • driver’s average working/driving time per day
  • ECO drive events
  • fuel level max/min/avg
  • average or top speed of the vehicle
  • temperature sensor max/min/avg
  • battery charging level etc.




Gather the sensor data into a report


Navirec andurite andmete raport

If you wish to get a full overview of sensor data in a certain time frame, you have the possibility to create such reports.

With the sensor report, you can choose between more than 500 data fields to find the most suitable ones for your company and work organization.


Analysis of critical data is the foundation of a successful work organization


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