The Navirec mobile app is the mobile version of the web solution, which allows the solution to be used even when a computer is not at hand

You can download the Navirec mobile app to your smart device for free from
the App Store or Google Play!



The app creates all the possibilities to make everyday work more comfortable

The Navirec mobile app is developed daily to make its use more convenient for you and to offer more options to simplify your daily work.
Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities!


Fleet overview in the palm of your hand

The app allows you to view the entire vehicle fleet on a smart device with the respective statuses and locations of the machines on a real-time map. The use of filters allows you to quickly find the desired vehicles and different map layers and Google Traffic information to successfully plan more efficient driving routes.


Areas of interest

You can mark as many areas of interest on the map as you want. Whether it’s customer locations, farmland, or groves – finding created areas using the search bar is easy, and your drivers can navigate there quickly using the app if need be. You can also conveniently add new areas to your solution from the app!



The entire vehicle park in one place

The app gives you a detailed overview of all the company’s vehicles and the drivers who use them. You can see real-time vehicle location, status, driver data, ECO drive data, the fuel level in the tank, and much more.


View your driving history with one push of a button

From the vehicle and driver menu, you can quickly display the driving history of the selected period on the map with detailed information such as refueling, events, driving speeds, routes, and more. By pressing the play button, you can see the entire journey as a video! You can configure the information displayed in the driving history to suit your needs, in order to collect only the most important information.


Fast vehicle booking

In the case of a large and shared vehicle fleet, usage patterns can become confusing. In the app, we have created a booking system that allows drivers to choose a suitable car for the required period of use with just a few clicks. When making a reservation, the driver immediately notes the type of trip and, if necessary, a comment – this is how the log book is automatically filled.


Quick access to reports

If you need information about a report quickly, but don’t have a computer at hand, you can also access the reports in the mobile app. Just select the necessary filters and file format, and you can download the report to your smart device in minutes and, if necessary, forward it to third parties.


Quick commands

In the app, you can send commands to the vehicle with just a few button presses – for example, you can remotely open vehicle doors, release and disconnect the starter, and much more. It is also possible to quickly navigate to the map and copy the coordinates of the location.


Logbook in the app

In Navirec, the logbook is filled automatically! If necessary, you can quickly change the purpose and type of the trip with just a few clicks in the app. You can also add any necessary comments after the trip.


Nowadays, everyone has a smart device at hand, but it may not always be possible to answer calls while behind the wheel. Also, important information can be lost or forgotten after the call. It is possible to transfer urgent information, tasks, or other any other necessary information to the app, which is displayed under notifications. Creating notifications in the app is quick and convenient.



Configure the app exactly as you want

We have created all the possibilities for setting up the mobile application in such a way that its use is as convenient as possible for you personally.

You can choose between different accounts and time zones and several different languages. You can also always change the order of the menus and the settings of the displayed information so that access to the information is convenient and fast.