Navirec sõidukipargi koondraport


An aggregate report of the vehicle fleet gives you an overview of all the information related to the use of all the vehicles of the company



Customized for your company


Navirec temperatuur raportis ja äpis

The major advantage of Navirec reports is that you can compile the report of exactly those pieces of information that matter the most for your company.

You can select the most essential fields among more than 100 data fields, helping you to manage and analyze the use of the vehicle fleet in the best possible way.



Fleet aggregate report

Navirec koondraportid

As the name indicates, this is a summary report comprising the information of the whole fleet of the company.

The aggregate report is a good opportunity for an overview of the use of all vehicles, such as in a month. What was the total mileage of a vehicle, what was the duration of the trips or parking stops, what was the average fuel consumption on the road and with the engine running idle?


 An aggregate report, covering a longer time period, can provide valuable information, which you can use to analyze the size and use efficiency of the vehicle fleet


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