CAN BUS allows you to see all the information about the vital characteristics of the vehicle and keep costs under control



What is CAN BUS?

The CAN (Controlled Area Network) was developed by Robert Bosch in 1986 and is now used in cars and trucks, as well as in aviation and maritime affairs. It is a vehicle bus standard that allows microcontrollers and different devices to communicate with each other.

In other words, when we think of the vehicle as a human body, CAN is like a nervous system that allows information from the (vehicle’s) brain to move elsewhere.



What information is visible?

CAN is most commonly used to monitor vehicle fuel consumption, but in reality, there are many more options.

CAN BUS info
Fuel consumption and fuel level in the tank Cargo and cabin temperature
Mileage Fuel cap open / closed
Pedal position Odometer (virtual)
Vehicle axle loads Ignition on / off
Speed Downtime / driving time
Engine speed (RPM) and operating hours Doors open / closed / locked or not
Maintenance interval Vehicle alarm (notification can be sent to the user if alarm goes off)
Oil pressure Battery voltage
Engine coolant temp. Tire pressure
Turbo pressure
Use of cruise control while driving


Advantages of using CAN BUS

CAN is a fairly easy way to monitor the vital performance of cars and trucks, to make decisions about fleet renewal, or to direct drivers to more fuel-efficient driving.


Monitoring the fuel consumption of vehicles

For example, if similar trucks are purchased in the fleet at the same time, but some have significantly higher fuel consumption than others, CAN makes it very easy to compare vital machine performance. This allows you to make smarter decisions about the need to renew your fleet.


Monitoring drivers’ driving style

Fuel prices have risen to incredible heights and sustainable driving has never been more important than now. CAN makes it possible to compare drivers’ driving styles and guide them to drive more economically.


Prevention of fuel theft

Unfortunately, fuel thefts have not disappeared, and this is causing companies thousands of euros in damage every year without their own knowledge. Monitoring the level of fuel in the tank and being aware of its sudden changes allows fuel thefts to be detected quickly.


Remote monitoring of the technical condition of machines

With the help of CAN, the technical status of the fleet is always visible to the operator in the Navirec solution. It is also possible to set up automatic notifications of changes in performance, which immediately indicate vehicle faults that need attention.


Take control of your fleet and save fuel and maintenance costs with Navirec’s CAN BUS solution