One of the biggest problems with moving your company’s fleet to a new GPS service provider is the cost involved. Existing GPS devices can be taken over by the new service provider, but this is usually done at an additional cost. There is also a notice period for companies (usually 2-3 months) at the end of the contract, which makes it even more difficult to join the new GPS service.

When joining Navirec, you can forget about these problems, because we have made it as easy and cost-friendly for you to become a customer!


Become a customer of Estonia’s own GPS solution at no extra cost

GSMvalve is a 100% Estonian company that offers smart logistics solutions and GPS tracking services for tens of thousands of vehicles under the Navirec brand.

We know that joining a new service provider can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly for both larger and smaller fleets. It is for these reasons that switching often fails, even if you have not been satisfied with your existing service provider for years.

For this reason, we have made every effort to make the transition period as convenient as possible for you and at no additional cost:

  • FREE transfer of existing GPS devices;
  • Navirec service FREE OF CHARGE for the termination period (up to 3 months) specified by the previous service provider.
Take a closer look at the solutions offered by Navirec and ask for an offer to start using Navirec today!

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