The sailing yacht Picasso starts its trip around the world on the 18th of September 2021 at 12 a.m.

At noon, the sailing yacht Picasso with Anneli and Veiko on board, who have already taken their motorcycles around the world, has left the port of Haven Kakumäe under the auspices of the Tallinn Yacht Club.

This time, however, they have decided to switch the dusty roads to wet roads. Or, as they say, they continue their adventure under the motto: “We are exchanging a corona wave for an ocean wave!”.

The voyage lasts until October next year, with more than 30 maritime countries and yacht clubs visited during the trip.

Sailing yacht Picasso in Noblessner harbor (Source:


Navirec helps you to follow the sailing journey

Such an adventure is sure to spark the interest of many. And those close to the team who have to stay at home but want to follow the journey of world travelers in order to keep their peace of mind, Picasso is equipped with a GPS device. Navirec helps the ship’s crew to record the voyage throughout the year and allows to monitor the voyage using a chart application.

Picasso’s team has said that they want to be an example to the young members of Tallinn Yacht Club with their venture. The route saved with the GPS device will help future adventurers find safe roads much easier.

Those interested in keeping an eye on the team’s activities can do so on their website HERE.

You can follow Picasso’s journey in real-time HERE!

We wish Picasso and its team a lot of great adventures and a safe return home from the entire Navirec team!

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