If necessary, you can interrupt the vehicle’s ignition circuit remotely using the Navirec mobile app



What is a starter or ignition circuit break?

Starter disabling or ignition circuit break means that the vehicle cannot be started with the key or start button.

In essence, it is a car security system that allows you to prevent its malicious use.



Examples of using a starter disable



Vehicle theft

Protect your car from theft. If you have interrupted the vehicle’s ignition circuit, it cannot be started. Conventional alarm systems inform you in case of a vehicle burglary but do not prevent it from being used.



Rental cars

Has the renter failed to pay for the use of the car or violated any of the terms of the contract? Interrupting the starter remotely makes it possible to successfully prevent further use of the vehicle even after the vehicle has left the country.




It is easy to disable the starter via the app

If you want to interrupt the vehicle starter remotely, all you have to do is open the Navirec app on your phone and hold your finger on the name of the vehicle you want to send the command to.

A list of commands will open for you to choose from !