Navirec juhituvastus


Driver detection gives you the most accurate overview of the working hours and vehicle use in your company



Why use driver identification?

Driver detection will primarily help you to save your own working time and contributes to a smoother organization of work in your company!





Driver identification capabilities in Navirec


RFID card

RFID detects the driver based on a chip card issued personally to each driver.

The card functions with the same principle as bank cards and door cards with the swipe feature.


With RFID you can use various cards that employees may already be using:

  • company identity card or entry card
  • bank card or customer loyalty card with RFID support
  • Estonian ID card with RFID support (since 2018)



I-button allows identifying the driver based on a magnetic key issued to the driver.

The I-button functions with the same principle as the electronic key used at the entrance doors of apartment buildings.



With the RFID and I-button, the principle of detecting the driver is the same


  • a chip reader is installed in the vehicle
  • each driver is given a magnetic key/chip card, which is associated with the driver’s name or ID in the Navirec system
  • drivers must register themselves with the magnetic key or chip card before starting to drive
  • the information is automatically transmitted to the Navirec system and is displayed to the fleet administrator
  • it is possible to check from the system, who used which car and when for up to 7 years



Further options for driver detection


  • It is possible to configure driver detection so that the vehicle cannot be started until the driver has been identified
  • The vehicle can also be equipped with an audio signal, which reminds the driver of the need for identification


This helps you to avoid possible car thefts and human negligence


Popular among companies

Driver detection is successfully used by our customers, such as Omniva, the company with the largest vehicle fleet in the Baltics, and various government departments.

Even so that many private companies cannot even no longer imagine their daily work without driver detection and electronic GPS driving logbook.


Our experience shows that employees quickly become accustomed to the new system