Navirec tahhograafi andmed


The best method for timely receipt of tachograph data is to use the Navirec solution for remote reading of the data



Calculating the working and rest time of drivers


Digitahho Navirec

The working and rest time of drivers is calculated on the basis of data received from tachographs (recording equipment).

Proceeding from the Traffic Act of the Republic of Estonia, a transport operator must store the working and rest time data of drivers in unchanged form for at least 12 months. This can be done either on tachograph cards or electronically.


Proceeding from the law, the data on the driver card should be copied at least every 28 days and from the vehicle at least every 90 days



Advantages of remote reading

  • you save working time
  • data management and storage become simpler
  • you can download data automatically while on the road
  • you can keep an eye on adherence to working and rest time by drivers
  • the logistician has better means to plan working time
  • you can store data conveniently on the web


If the vehicle fleet of the company is sizeable, with vehicles traveling all around Europe, then the easiest solution for receiving the data on time is namely the remote reading of tachograph data



Digital tachograph data can be downloaded conveniently and quickly


Navirec tahhograafi andmete kauglugemine

With the Navirec GPS device, tachograph data are downloaded online, without the driver having to return to a depot to present tachograph cards or data on a memory stick.

Analog tachographs were replaced by digital ones on May 1, 2006, and are also fitted on all trucks manufactured ever since.


Unlike the analog version, the digital tachograph allows downloading of data over the air and save it in the DDD format suitable for the Road Administration



Winning in time and comfort

The Navirec solution shows you real-time information about all the vehicles of the enterprise, while you can also view data related to the driver’s work (incl. working time and rest time).

The whole information is available in real-time, whenever and wherever you wish to see it!


You can view precisely how much working time is left and whether the driver has adhered adequately to rest times



Important working and rest time requirements for drivers

  • permitted driving time per day is 9 hours
  • after each 4.5-hour drive, the driver must take a 45-minute break
  • regular rest time per day is 11 hours
  • regular rest time per week is 45 hours


With the Navirec solution, you can be sure that drivers have adhered to their working and rest time schedules and all the required data are always available


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