Navirec uste avamine äpis


Interrupt the ignition chain of the vehicle remotely or open the doors conveniently without a key



Navirec süüte ahela katkestamine

Avoid ill-intentioned use of your vehicle

Interrupting the ignition chain means that the vehicle’s engine cannot be started.

This feature may become handy in case of vehicle theft and also when the rent of a rental car has not been paid.


Interruption of the ignition chain is successfully used both by our private customers and car rental companies



Open doors without a key or turn off car starter

Navirec offers an opportunity to open vehicle doors without using a key, turn off the starter, and much more from the app.


This is especially convenient with rental cars and in companies, where vehicles are frequently in common use.



This eliminates the need to go and fetch the keys from the office, as the vehicle is ready to use


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