The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate their priorities very quickly and has forced us all to adapt to the constraints set by governments.

More and more people enter self-isolation every day and the demand for contactless home deliveries has skyrocketed. Companies struggling to survive must quickly find ways and means to meet new customer expectations.

But how to achieve the ability to organize transport that would protect both customers and company employees at the same time?

GSMtasks transport software comes to the rescue, with the help of which businesses can get the technical solutions necessary for the contactless distribution of orders with great speed.


Post summary:

  • How to create a contactless delivery system
  • How orders become tasks for delivery personnel
  • How automatic route optimization works
  • How does contactless delivery of goods work
  • Benefits of GSMtasks delivery solution for Logistics Managers


Create your very own contactless delivery system in minutes

If your customers can order goods online, now is the time to set up a contactless home delivery service. There is no need to re-invent the wheel here because GSMtasks has done the hard work for you.

API makes it very easy to establish a connection between your existing business programs and the GSMtasks platform. This means that the GSMtasks software receives all the information needed for transport management, such as the order/package number, customer data, and delivery address.

API interfacing is simple thanks to the guide we have created, but we are ready to help with it if necessary!

Of course, GSMtasks software is also suitable for those companies that do not have their own e-shop. In this case, tasks can be easily created or imported into the solution!


Orders to tasks

With API, GSMtasks creates the tasks automatically based on the information collected. In other cases, you can conveniently import tasks into the solution or quickly create them from scratch.

After tasks have been created, you can assign them to drivers yourself or let the solution do it automatically. The tasks are immediately delivered to the driver’s mobile application and are displayed in the correct order as a list and on the map.

The driver has a clear overview of tasks that need to be done and what have already been completed. The customer’s data and additional information are also visible (e.g. if the customer wants the goods to be left on their doorstep).

Vestlusaken GSMtasks


Optimized routes

Home transport inevitably involves fuel consumption, which every carrier wants to keep as low as possible.

GSMtasks automatically optimizes driving routes based on distance or driving time. You can easily organize your transport so that drivers use the shortest route and / or complete all tasks on time.

For even greater efficiency and a better customer experience, the solution allows the use of delivery time windows. We recommend allowing your customers to choose a specific time period for their deliveries. This will allow better organization of both home delivery and warehousing. The specified time periods are taken into account when optimizing the driving routes.

The driver receives optimized tasks on their mobile app and sees them in the right order. When the driver starts a task, the navigation assistant guides them to the customer along the specified route and they can focus on the most important thing – driving.

Once the driver has started the delivery, the customer can also be notified via SMS or email.

They can see the expected time of arrival, contact the driver and change the place or time of the delivery, or track the movement of their parcel on the map in real-time.


Contactless delivery of goods and paperless documents

Documenting the delivery of goods is an important part of the home delivery process. Whereas in the past signing a digital consignment note was very popular in the app, GSMtasks enables the use of even safer solutions when providing contactless service.

Your drivers can leave the goods on the customer’s doorstep and add photos to the electronic delivery note. The picture can be taken of the package, of the customer with the goods, or of the customer’s document that they have placed on the shipment. There are many possibilities and all of them can be used while keeping a safe distance!

After the delivery, the driver marks the task as completed in the app and automatically sends an electronic delivery report to both the customer and his employer.


A complete overview of daily deliveries

In addition to simplifying the driver’s work and making it safer, GSMtasks also gives the logistics manager a better overview of what is happening in the field.

As the drivers determine the status of their work on the mobile app, all the information reaches the logistics manager in real-time. They can see all the tasks that have been completed and which ones still need to be done.

Should a task fail for some reason or the driver is unable to complete the route, the logistician can quickly assign tasks to other employees. This way, bad customer experience can be avoided and work efficiency can be maintained on an ongoing basis.

In addition, GSMtasks also collects important information about delivery speed, hours worked, tasks completed or failed, etc. Analysis of this information allows to make the necessary adjustments to achieve an even smoother operation of transport.


If you want to keep your employees safe and offer customers a contactless home delivery service, you can create a GSMtasks account right here.

The service is completely free for you for the first 14 days!

Feel free to write to our project manager for more information about the solution or just contact us via the chat window on our website!

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