This miniature battery-powered GPS device is well-suited for real-time tracking of pets, people as well as drones and other small devices


Autonomous and tiny


  • Unlimited distance real-time tracking & worldwide coverage
  • Weighs only 40 grams and is tiny (44 x 43 x 20 mm)
  • 800 mAh Li-Ion battery & rechargeable with a USB cable
  • Keep track of vehicles, children, pets, the elderly, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, equipment, tools, and other valuables
  • Place in a pocket, backpack, luggage, shipment, under a car, etc.
  • The alarm button on the device allows you to send an alert in the event of an emergency



Mini GPS device features


  • Real-time location tracking works worldwide
  • You can see the location, route, and speed of your device in real-time
  • You can view the history of the movement route with all the data in the Navirec solution
  • Place in your luggage, backpack, pocket, on a belt or pet collar
  • The alarm button allows you to send an alert in the event of an emergency




The GPS tracker costs €49

A service fee of €9 per month is added for Navirec software usage

VAT will be added to the prices as provided by law

You can use the Navirec solution on both PC and mobile devices with the Navirec app (iOS / Android)


How to buy?

  • Fill out the Order now! form and our customer support will contact you shortly
  • We will send the GPS device to you by post or you can pick it up yourself
  • The price also includes free user training for the Navirec solution


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