Hinnakiri ja kasutusjuhend Navirec


Read about Navirec’s pricing policy and see the user manuals



Prices for additional services and devices
Prices apply to maintenance and installation work Mo-Fr 8 a.m-5 p.m
Outside normal working hours, work is priced at a coefficient 1,5

Device installation – 39
CAN device installation – 65
Dismantling of a device – 39
Fuel sensor relocation/calibration– 165
Maintenance of fuel sensor – 90
Maintenance/malfunction working hour – 39
Technician departure fee – 35
Technician departure fee in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu – 25
Purchase price of a device starting from – 192
Fee for reopening the service remotely – 5
GPS antenna – 6
GSM/GPRS antenna – 7

Install-it-yourself GPS devices
Install-it-yourself GPS device for car battery€69
GPS device for E-scooters
GPS device with built-in battery
Secure box autonomous GPS device – €69
Mini GPS tracker – €69
Cigarette lighter GPS tracker – €69

Remote tachograph readerask for an offer!

Billing prices
Contract determination notice is 3 months
Issuing a dept notice – 7,08
SMS notification – 0,14

VAT will be added to the prices as provided by law
The price list is valid in the Republic of Estonia, where the service is provided by GSMvalve OÜ


User manual

You can find the user manual in English here!